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Parent & Tot

The Parents and Tots program give one or both parents a great opportunity to work with their child and an instructor to introduce basic movement patterns for gymnastics. The Tots will work on all apparatus with their parent as their coach. Bouncing on the trampoline to learning basic skills like the forward rolls, both parent and child will leave our gym with a smile. This will be great for the first time gymnast to get a feel for our gym.

Preschool and Recreational

Gymnastics is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skills levels. It is an
excellent way to develop strong bones and muscle, flexible joints and aerobic endurance in a fun
and motivating environment. Our programs also develop balance, coordination, confidence and
concentration. Personal development gained through gymnastics transfers well to social
activities, schooling and other sports. Gymnastics can be an enjoyable and memorable
experience that lasts a lifetime. Our Recreational and Preschool Programs are for people looking
to do gymnastics but aren't interested in the competitive side, from our mom and tots classes to our badge classes. We have a class that will suit your needs. We typically run three sessions 12 Week sessions throughout the year, a fall Session, a winter session and a spring session.​​​​​​

Trampoline Classes

Athletes will learn basic trampoline safety and skills like back drops, front drops and rollers and much more in a safe controlled environment by Coaches Certified in Trampoline.

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