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Gymnastics is a year round sport that requires hard work, determination, commitment and
perseverance. The benefits of these efforts are many and are highly valued by all our members.
Our Competitive program runs 12 months of the year, with Athletes training anywhere
from 4hrs a week to 16hrs a week and attend camps over the summer months. The Competitive
program is run by our head coach Petre Neda. Our Competitive Program is By Invitation Only.
If you think that your child is interested in trying out for our competitive program please plan on
attending one of our competitive summer camps.
 We host summer camps for all those interested in trying out the competitve program. Please see us at the club if you would like to learn more.

Some of the Benefits of our Competitive Program:

• They receive obvious physical and mental benefits - "healthy body=healthy mind!"
•They develop self-discipline and a desire to achieve
•They receive training for setting goals and becoming a focused individual
•They develop an amazing work ethic
•They will learn how to handle themselves in a variety of situations
•They will develop self-confidence while achieving skills and other personal goals
•They will learn how to maximize and prioritize their time
•They develop and enhance excellent character traits and learn important life skills

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